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The power of Bananas and why you should harness its power to fight your hair loss.

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Bananas had been grown and eaten for thousands of years in human history and there are various reasons why you should start eating bananas everyday too. Remember the saying which goes like this: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away"? Well, the new saying goes like this: "A Banana a day keeps the Doctor away for life". What this literally means is that researchers have realized that Banana has more benefits than an apple has. Apple has some acid contents which are not suitable for all people's stomach since this acid contents occasionally makes people feel uncomfortable after consuming apples. Whereas Bananas has no acid contents and is very easy on our stomach. In fact it helps the bacteria living in our stomach to multiple and stay healthy.

Bananas also improves the regular bowels if you are having difficulties passing out the waste in your body. The high content of potassium in Bananas makes it a good choice for people with heart problems and the rich iron contained in Bananas helps people with deficiency of iron. Ever since i persuaded my Mum to start eating Bananas everyday, she realized by doing so, she didn't have to take any Slow releasing Iron Ferritin tablet that Doctor prescribed her. Bananas was able to replace her dependence on tablets and supplements. The list of benefits for Bananas goes on for long. Most important of all, it also has benefits for our hair.

Bananas has good amount of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, both of which are required to maintain strong hair and to promote thicker hair growth. Although people say that eating oranges provides more Vitamin C, lets not forget that Oranges contains a high amount of Acid which could be a problem to some people. Bananas has just the right amount of Vitamin C to supply it to our hair. If you have diabetes, you might ask if it is okay to eat bananas. The answer is "Yes" but eat only one Banana in a day. Do not eat more than one in a day. Bananas actually helps to control your sugar level in your body because it contains natural sucrose which is better than the manufactured white sugar. Bananas helps to release sugar slowly and naturally into your body and it satisfies your craving for sweet things. It is better to de-intensify your sweet cravings by consuming Bananas rather than eating sweet cookies or sweet soft drinks or Candies.

Ever since i started eating Bananas, i have noticed much thicker hair and stronger hair. I also found that my hair loss has decreased by a big margin. I don't see much of those clogged drains in shower and in fact i could see some new hairs growing on previously bald spots. These new hair growth are not weak tiny hairs as other products like Minoxidil produces. These are thick normal width hair that stays with that size in all of the hair cycles of growth and dormancy. Am sure you would want to continue eating Bananas once you started doing so because first of all, the fruit is tasty and thinking about all the benefits it brings to your hair, who could resisting eating one now?Bananas Hair Loss

Submitted in Australia by hairsurvival (106 points)

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