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3 type of foods to avoid when you want to lose weight fast and still keep healthy.

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Losing weight is probably one of the greatest challenge for some people who are not getting any success in trying to do so. Of course, for some people whose body mechanism is high, the food they eat is quickly burnt off and no fat is stored in their body. For this category of people, even if they ended up gaining some weight, they can easily lose weight, once they start a bit of exercise and increase in their physical activities. There are people whose body would store fat from the food they eat and would not burnt off the excess fat. Even if they eat little amount of food and start dieting, they would still find themselves unable to lose much weight. 

If you happen to be someone who just can't lose weight no matter how less you eat or how much you diet, then this blog post is perfect for you. Eating less and dieting is dangerous for your body because it deprives your body of the important nutrients and vitamins which is necessary to keep your body healthy. Instead you should opt for an alternative method of losing weight while at the same time, being able to eat whatever you want without the need to diet and starve yourself. There are some foods that you should avoid eating, though you can have a bit of those food once in a while.

(1) Sugary sweet stuff: Try to avoid sweet stuff as much as possible, although you need to have some sweet stuff once every three days to prevent hypoglycemia (Low Sugar) in your body. It could be simply a glass of juice or a piece of cake or cookies or candies. You may wonder why eating sweet sugary stuff makes you gain weight. The explanation is sugar when broken down in the body gives you energy, you can use to do certain activities such as walking, talking, moving and many more. But when you do not do such physical activities, the sugar which is inside your blood doesn't get used up as fast as sweet stuff is consumed. When the sugar level in your blood gets too high, your body converts those sugar into fat and stores it in your body. By consuming less sweet stuff, your body will not have enough sugar to convert to store fat in your body.

(2) Dairy foods: If you didn't know it, dairy food also has a good amount of sugar content in it. When you drink milk or eat dairy products, your body converts it to a type of sugar in your body which when not used up will eventually be converted to body fat. As much as dairy sounds like a healthy choice of food for many people, there should be a limitation on the amount of dairy products that you consume. it is not true that such dairy products should not be consumed at all, because it will cause you to become fat. Eating a little bit of dairy in your daily food will keep you healthy. Increasing your dairy intake everyday will instead cause harm to your body and make you gain weight fast. That is why when someone drinks a glass of milk everyday, they can get fat really fast. We know that our family doctors advise us to drink a glass of milk every single day, but we can be sensible to understand that drinking milk should be done once in three days instead.

(3) Oily and fried food: This is hard to believe but oily and fried food causes your body mechanism to slow down a bit. You need a fast body mechanism to digest food and break down the nutrients in your body. By consuming oily and fried foods, your body mechanism cannot break down food fast enough. That is why sometimes you will feel tired and lazy after eating oily or fried stuff. Food stays in your stomach longer and it doesn't get utilized quick enough before it is finally stored as fat reserve in your body. Oily fried foods also increases your bad cholesterol and is highly not recommended for people who wants to lose weight. But again, it doesn't mean that you can't forever eat those delicious fried food. You can eat them only with a limited amount and not so often. Once in a while it is okay to indulge yourselves in tasty fried chicken but remember that after such feast, you need to keep a gap of at least three days before having another feast of forbidden food again.

Submitted in Canada by Paul Cummings (110 points)

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