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Have you tried the Caboki hair thickening concealment product for covering bald spots? It may be your temporary solution for your hair loss.

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As seen on TV, this Caboki Hair thickening fiber product looked promising to temporary conceal your bald spots to regain your lost self confidence in beauty. The ads showed how in few minutes people with hardly any hair on their scalp, was able to be transformed into this Hairy handsome or beautiful person. It also showed that it works for women as well who are facing bald spots on various scalp areas.

All that you see on TV can be misleading or not living up to the expectations in real life. You need to actually have tried out this product in order to truly know if this Caboki is for you. Now you can hear it from me who have truly and really purchased this Caboki hair thickening fiber product.

According to its website, the product was made with natural fibers from plants and color pigments are mineral colorant. It would give a very natural look and adhere very well onto your existing hair. It would be hypoallergenic, free of any animal contents and be able to withstand wind, rain or sweat due to its strong binding force between the fibres and hairs. Also unlike other hair concealment thickening products, this product was supposed to stay onto the hair shaft rather than on scalp which would give a more pleasant feeling to person using this product.



One day, i watched the TV commercial which was advertising this Caboki Hair thickening product. It amazed me at first about how it could potentially transform me into this great looking person. Although my hair loss had reduced by a great margin since i started taking precaution to stop hair loss using all natural method i described in the blog, i still was curious and excited to try out this Caboki Thickening method. It was expensive for sure but they were advertising free trial where i would have to only pay for shipping and handling fees and $0 for the product itself. It all sounded enticing and so there i went and ordered the product which i wanted was black in color.


The Caboki Hair thickening product arrived within a few days in express post with signature requirements for receiving it. I was surprised at how fast the product arrived because i was expecting it to arrive late since it was supposed to be a free trial. I opened the bottle and tried it on my hair for the first time. I found the fibers to be very small in size almost like black powder. it was feeling like i put charcoal powder on my hair scalp. The fibers did fall onto my scalp unlike what was mentioned in their website that it won't do so. The wind didn't do much damage to the fiber stuck on my hair but the rain and sweat sure did made my hair messy. If you are wearing a white shirt you would definitely be able to see the powder fall on your shirt which happened to me.


I was constantly worried that the black fiber would dirty my white shirt and every wipe of my sweat with my fingers collected the black fibers in my fingers. Although it did its job by making my hair looked really thick, it does have it flaws too which i just mentioned above. I suggest the best environment to use it would be in a party hall where the air conditioning is running or during winter time. You wouldn't want to use it while going for exercise or for a swim. Neither would you want to use it when you need to wipe your hair off sweat perspiration or during raining season. I was surprised that  the fibers didn't fall onto my dinner plate while bending my head down to eat food. The bottle does last quite long for many application, but it all depends on how often your used it and how much you amount you needed to put each time.


Conclusion, would you buy it or not? I would buy again only if i need to present myself as that beautiful person with good looks. Otherwise it is not worth spending if i don't worry too much about my looks. After all, it is better to present oneself as the way a person is naturally without having to conceal and cover up our natural flaws in beauty. Besides if other people found out that you are not what actually you are with regards to good looks, then you would be in real trouble doing the explanation. It is wise not to raise the expectation of people around you when it comes to natural beauty. Just be who you are and not who you want to be like.

Reference: http://hairsurvival.blogspot.com

Submitted in Australia by hairsurvival (106 points)

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