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How does bending down below the waist for one minute everyday helps to fight hair loss?

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As soon as i got this idea of trying to increase blood flow to my scalp, by bending down below my waist for one minute everyday, i jumped to test if it was actually possible to fight hair loss with this method.

Many people have written about different ways to increase blood flow to the scalp to grow more hair but not many people have actually ventured to try this method out for themselves. Keep in mind that it is not all about getting blood flowing to the scalp bald areas to grow back lost hair. You would need to eat proper nutrients and proteins in order to supply enough of them to your hair follicles.

What happened to me when i started doing this exercise for one minute everyday? At first, i felt dizzy doing it even for one single minute. But as i got used to doing it everyday, it just became easier and more natural. I found some benefits of doing this exercise for my hair, though for some unknown reason initially, i felt that i was losing quite a good amount of hair. It could be possible that my whole hair growing cycle was just altered due to the new exercise i was performing each day. But afterwards, my hair quality was quite good and strong. I still do this exercise everyday and i found that it improves my hair texture. Don't overdo this exercise otherwise you may end up with headaches.

Submitted in Austria by Nicolash Lima (106 points)

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