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How important is sleep for stopping hair loss problem? Have you woken up to discover your pillow case filled with your fallen hair?

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Sleep is good to fight hair loss

One of the most important thing that people don't realize, when they are trying to stop hair loss is that they don't get enough sleep. Due to lack of sleep your body is stressed along with your hair follicles which in turn results in limp hair condition or hair loss. People may try out all sorts of hair loss remedies whether natural or using commercially available hair loss treatment, but in the end all their efforts would be wasted if they fail to get enough sleep.

A person must have a minimum of 7 hrs of sleep while 8 hours would ideally be the best amount of hours required for complete healthy sleep. Lack of sleep increases stress on your body and as you know by now, stress triggers hair loss problems. Amazing things happens when one is able to reduce stress in one's life. But in reality, stress is impossible to eliminate. By sleeping well you can reduce stress in your life which in turn is beneficial for strong healthy hair.

Researchers had done test and research in the past wherein two groups of subjects were given instructions to follow for one month. Both group will be given hair loss remedies such as rogaine or minoxidil topical application, but one group would be deprived of good sleep while the other group will have about 8 hours of good sleep. At the end of the test, it was found that the group which were deprived of sleep had lost a significant amount of hair loss while the other group which had enough sleep almost had highly decreased rate of hair loss.

At one point of time in my life, i was working night shifts for one year and would mostly be sleeping in the morning. At night i would be up and out for work for 8 hours and i would sleep in the morning. I found it very unnatural to be sleeping in the morning and working at night. Sometimes i would hardly be able to sleep much during the day and end up feeling groggy for work at night. I could feel my hair getting thinner and more limper than before. My hair loss also increased a great deal and every time i get up from bed, i find quite a large number of my own hair had fallen onto the pillow while i was asleep. This made me worried and i realized that i needed to sleep more hours and instead start sleeping at night. But i needed to find another day work instead which took me quite a while to find one. After switching to working days and sleeping at night for at least good 8 hours of sleep. I discovered that my hair loss rate had decreased and i don't find much fallen hair on my pillow.

So you could also start sleeping well for at least 8 hours if possible, if you are not already doing so. You would thank yourself when you see your hair growing stronger and thicker.

Submitted in Belgium by Luca Sinclair (106 points)

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