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Does your sleeping position in bed affects the rate of your hair loss? Find out the truth behind it.

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Sleeping Position For Hair Loss

People say that a person's hair loss is somewhat affected by his/her sleeping position in bed. This belief is partially correct and partially incorrect. If you think about it, Men mostly lose hair around the front and top of the head and usually the side of the heads are still full of active lively hair follicles.

Why do you think Men still has strong active hair follicles on their side of the heads but bald on top and on the front? Well, it is simply because the top and front portion of the head is the hardest place for blood to reach. Since not much blood is flowing into these areas, as a result hair loss occurs. Blood brings in the essential required nutrients to feed the hair follicles and keep them alive.

When we sleep we usually either sleep on our sides (Left or Right side) and also on the back of our head. This allows the blood to flow easily into these areas supplying the hair follicles with nutrients to grow and stay alive. But we don't usually sleep with our front of the head facing down or the top of our head facing down, and that is why not much of blood flows into the frontal part of our head. This in turn results in poor circulation of blood on the frontal part of our head and thus decrease in essential nutrients for hair follicles around these areas.

Armed with these simply facts i tried to improvise the blood circulation to these areas by at least trying to sleep with my frontal part of head facing down on pillow. Well, i can tell you it was very uncomfortable at first since i wasn't used to sleep in this position. By the next morning i had severe pain on both side of my neck right and left because i had to constantly shift from left front facing down to right front facing down. I did feel more blood flow towards my front part of my head but i felt dizzy and my sleep wasn't at all comfortable. i did this for a week but didn't notice any improvement on my hair texture. All i gained was dizzy heads with sleepless uncomfortable nights trying to sleep with my front temple of my head facing down. My conclusion is that it is not worth following this blood circulation method because the side effects easily destroyed the benefits gained from performing this method of fighting hair loss. But for those of you, who is used to sleeping with your front temple of head facing down, then you would definitely benefit from this knowledge.

Submitted in Brazil by Victoria Mckenzie (106 points)

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