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Have you heard of the amazing anti-hairloss shampoo by Sebamed company? It literally makes your hair thicker and fuller.

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Sebamed Anti-Hairloss Shampoo comes to the rescue

Sebamed had always made good quality shampoo and conditioner, and their amazing anti-hairloss shampoo is equally great. The shampoo contains NHE formula which includes Caffeine and Ginkgo Biloba, and these ingredients are proven to increase blood circulation to our scalp, thus feeding the essential nutrients to our hair for growing stronger hair. Besides, the shampoo is made of biodegradable ingredients which helps in keeping our planet green and clean from damaging chemicals that hurts our planet we all live in. This shampoo still contains the PH 5.5 level which is the ideal level of alkaline and acid quantity to keep our hair scalp fresh and healthy.

How this anti-hairloss shampoo works is by activating and stimulating the blood flow to our hair scalp which in turns brings in essential nutrients to our hair follicles. Since you know that our hair follicles undergoes various cycles of growth and dormancy, this stimulation of blood will increase the cycle of growth and decreases the cycle of dormancy for the hair follicles. Of course with any new shampoo it is advisable to start with a small amount of shampoo being applied to the hair scalp because sometimes new products would need time to getting used to. Symptoms such as redness, itchiness, dryness and temporary falling of hair is common but with time, these symptoms decreases or completely disappears for good. Do take caution if such symptoms continues and wouldn't go away, then in that case, you will have to discontinue its use unfortunately. However, in my own personal case, the symptoms did appear honestly but they were temporary and those symptoms went away in a few days time.


You can use a small portion of shampoo on your hair since this shampoo lathers and makes large amount of bubbles really well. You wouldn't need more portion of shampoo application than a small amount. Do not keep the shampoo on for too long right after application because it is not a good practice to leave it on for too long. Leaving it too long will cause bad effects rather than reap the benefits of using the shampoo. It doesn't clean better by leaving it on for longer. So, its better to wash off the shampoo after a few minutes of applying. Also, i realized that if you placed it on for too long, it causes dryness to your hair scalp. The best time to use the shampoo is every third day. How i manage it is i do put a circle on every third day on my home calendar so that i know when it is the third day to use my shampoo.

After using the shampoo for weeks, you will feel the thickness of your hair increases and you will have more volume of hair. This can be felt while you are combing your hair whereas earlier i hardly used to feel i was combing my hair due to very thin fine hair i had. Thanks to Sebamed Anti-Hairloss shampoo i can proudly enjoy the feeling of thicker hair follicles. You too can have thicker and stronger hair by using this shampoo but be aware that this shampoo is not for everyone. Try it out for a few days and see if it is for you. Stop using it if you feel it is doing you more bad than good. In my case, i continued using it because it started to get better although initially it was causing faster hair loss for me.

Submitted in Brazil by Victoria Mckenzie (106 points)

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