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Did you know there is a natural alternative to the commercial hair gel you use daily?

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Milk is better than Commercial hair gel

I used to wonder how some people's hair have the strength to stand up in a nice beautiful thick manner while other people are struggling to keep the last of their hairs from falling off their head. I watched newborn babies without any hair when they were born and as they grew older, they began to have hairs growing on their head slowly. The babies only drank milk from their mother and the milk they drank, gave them the required protein to grow plenty of hair. This shows that milk has the potential to allow a person's hair to grow.

Whereas for babies, they drink their mother's milk, an adult can drink cow's milk and also apply some milk on their hair to give it the strength to be strong. Once you apply milk on your hair, using any method you feel comfortable, such as using an applicator squeeze tube or simply pouring it onto your hair, you will feel in a short time that your hair becomes hard, as if you have just applied some commercial hair gel. You can either leave it that way throughout the night or simply wash it away after a couple of hours, whatever suits you. The idea is to apply the milk you get from the supermarket on your hair. Buy the smallest pack of milk you can find in the supermarket because you won't need too much for your hair. I have found that 2% milk does the job well. If you happen to be intolerant to lactose, then you shouldn't drink the milk. Simply apply it onto your hair, you would find that this way your stomach does not becomes upset as when you drank the milk.

It was once known that a beautiful Egyptian princess in the ancient times had the best skin and hair in the world. And guess what her secret was? She used to drink milk and bathe in milk for her shower daily. This way her skin and hair were constantly supplied with the required milk protein daily. Not to say that you should bathe or shower in milk but you could at least apply some milk on your hair and leave it like that for the night or for a couple of hours. The milk does not smell after been applied and easily washes off with water. The dried milk does not stick to your pillow or bed because it has dried completely and sticks nice and hard to your hair and scalp. Use only fresh milk, and always refrigerate it after each use. Do not use the same small pack of milk for more than 10 days, the milk starts to become bad after 10 days. Milk does not cost much and is quite cheap considering the fact that you are buying one small pack only, in 10 days time.

Submitted in Austria by Nicolash Lima (106 points)

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